2016 Montana Testing/Training Clinic

Red Lodge, Montana

September 1-6, 2016



SARDUS is returning to our roots!  SARDUS in conjunction with Absaroka Search Dogs are offering certification and training opportunities for area search, human remains detection, and trailing. The clinic will be held outside of Red Lodge, Montana, September 1-6, 2016. For more information on Instructors and Evaluators go here:

Instructor/Evaluator Biographies

Cost $525 (including accommodations) for clinic and $50 per certification test.

  • Accommodations- multiple occupancy cabins will be at the Yellowstone Bighorn Research Association  -  5 nights/3 meals per day included.
  • Other hotels/camping etc. available in area, however you will need to make these arrangements (can get a $225 credit if not using clinic accommodations).
  • Area search and trailing certification tests require multiple days every effort will be made to accommodate schedules, but please plan on at least two days.  HRD will be completed over a single day.
  • Please read and be familiar with the testing Standards, which are listed in the members section of the website.
  • Pre-evaluations will be done, if the team is not determined ready to test a refund will be offered due to the huge time commitment for each test.
  • Those wishing to take multiple certification tests or have multiple dogs, we will accommodate your primary request and all others will be based on availability- please contact us at time of registration with your requests.
  • Registration deadline August 1, 2016
  • No refunds given after August 15, 2016 



Step 1

To attend a SARDUS clinic you must be a paid member, $25 year.

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*note we will only offer one test per handler, if you would like to request a second type of test or to test another canine please contact us prior to making payment- subject to availability, first come first serve

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Cost for attending clinic- $525- including clinic, 5 night lodging, 3 meals per day

If you would like a certification test please choose one of the following:


or send a check made out to;

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States

 46848 Highway 61 PO Box 85

Otis, Colorado  80743

Click here to review standards

Questions email us here:

Testing/Training Schedule
Thursday, September 1
NOON arrival/ check-in 
HRD testing day
Dinner Event Briefing
Friday, September 2
Testing/specialty Training
Specialty Training- HRD indication/troubleshooting from testing
Areas Search and Trailing Testing
Specialty Training- Directed send-outs
Area Search and Trailing Testing
Specialty Training- Crime Scene Preservation
Trailing Testing/ Night testing 

Saturday, September 3

Field Training- All Day
Trailing Track
HRD Track
Areas Search Track
Large Area/Quantity HRD Testing 
Large Area/Quantity HRD Testing
Night Testing
Sunday, September 4
Testing/Specialty Training
Specialty Training- Navigation/Map and Compass/GPS
Areas Search and Trailing Testing
Specialty Training- Blood evidence search progression training
Trailing Testing
Specialty Training- HRD Presentation/Lessons Learned-Major Disastors
Trailing Testing/Night testing 

Monday, September 5
Field Training All Day
Trailing Track
HRD Track
Areas Search Track
Specialty Training- Search Scenario Roundtable
Trailing Testing

Tuesday, September 6
Make-up Testing
Noon- check out
*please keep checking back schedule can change without notice 

New Evaluators

These clinics give SARDUS the opportunity to work with new evaluators.  We are intentionally moving very slow with the expansion of our evaluator pool so we can maintain the quality and consistency that we expect with our certifications.  Evaluators in-training work with our experienced evaluators setting up and observing how each test is evaluated.  This is a very work intensive process but our results are tests that are set up and evaluated the same across the country.  If you are interested in becoming a SARDUS evaluator please apply by contacting SARDUS below. Very limited space.

click here to request more information on becoming a SARDUS evaluator