Returning Soldier Initiative

SARDUS is teaming up with the Returning Soldier Initiative to pair our returning soldiers with search and rescue dogs!


Training and Deployment

SARDUS will provide the necessary training to get both canines and our returning soldiers into the field looking for lost and missing people.  We also will work with the local search authorities to make available these life saving resources.  If you are with a search and rescue group and you would like to help mentor a returning solider please contact us. 


Its puppy time!  We have puppies and soldiers.  We need your help.  Please click on the GoFundMe logo or go here: 

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Search Dogs

The Returning Soldier Initiative will provide specially chosen puppies and adult dogs to our returning soldiers at no charge to them.  We will then work with the teams to develop these teams to the point where they can become certified dog handlers, meeting national standards for search. 

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Are you a Veteran that would like to know more about PTSD feel free to use this link to speak with licensed Therapist.

Our soldiers are returning to civilian life with the skills SARDUS needs to meet our mission!  There are many returning military members that would like to continue to serve the communities by volunteering as search dog handlers.  Search dog handlers across the country have volunteered to help mentor our servicemembers to help save lives.


Support Services

Through the Returning Soldier Initiative mental health support will be provide to all of our participants.  We are here to help with the transition from active duty to civilian life.