2012 SARDUS East Coast Clinic
November 1- 4
 Grafton, West Virginia

The 2012 SARDUS East Coast clinic will be hosted in the beautiful hills of Grafton, West Virginia!  The clinic will be held November 1-4.  Experienced handlers will be available to work with dog teams for training during the testing period but the primary focus will be completing SARDUS evaluations in HRD, trailing and area search.
Cost $200

  • clinic is limited to 20 people 
  • certifications will be offered in air scent, trailing and HRD
  • cost covers one certification (and one restest if necessary)
  • cost covers accommodations- dormitory-style camping in heated cabins. Cabins have a small kitchen area and bathrooms. K-9’s are allowed in the cabins but MUST be crated.  
  • hotel accommodations are 30 miles from training/testing site.
  • lunch will be provided daily in order to keep training and testing moving.
  • continental breakfast provided 
  • must pay in full at time of registration
  • full refunds available until 3 weeks prior to start of clinic (October 9)
  • if requesting a certification please register on the form below
  • additional tests (second type of certification, or second dog) are $50 and due at time of registration 

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clinic registration

If your prefer another payment option checks may be made out and mailed to:

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States

46848 Highway 61 PO Box 85

Otis, Colorado  80743

To register please fill out the following form:

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Request information :
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SARDUS will pre-screen teams to make sure they understand the standards and are ready to take the certification tests.  We may ask for supporting information like previous certifications, training records or letters of recommendation. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of tests taken by teams not ready to test.  Teams will also be screened during the first day of testing period.

Questions email us here:


Certifications will be held on site November 1-4
Cost $200 air scent, HRD, trailing and includes one retest if necessary. Any additional test is $50. 

Testing is available for trailing, air scent and HRD. Each test consists of multiple evaluations to test teams in the critical aspects of each speciality.  We also test over multiple days to get a good idea of the teams abilities, instead of just one moment of time.  We work with the teams requirements and readily work with other organizations 
Day 1- Thursday, November 1
Participants will meet for a short briefing, followed by a day of  training with all evaluators. Evaluators will pre-screen teams making sure they understand the standards and are ready to take the certification tests.
Day 2- Friday, November 2
          A full day of testing. Those not testing will divide into groups for training.
Day 3- Saturday, November 3
            A full day of testing.  Those not testing can divide into groups for training.
Day 4- Sunday, November 4

Finish any retests and debrief with evaluators. Closing


New Evaluators

These clinics give SARDUS the opportunity to work with new evaluators.  We are intentionally moving very slow with the expansion of our evaluator pool so we can maintain the quality and consistency that we expect with our certifications.  Evaluators in-training work with our experienced evaluators setting up and observing how each test is evaluated.  This is a very work intensive process but our results are tests that are set up and evaluated the same across the country.  If you are interested in becoming a SARDUS evaluator please apply by contacting SARDUS below. Very limited space.

click here to request more information on becoming a SARDUS evaluator