MT Base Camp

2010 SARDUS Western Region Clinic
July 7-14

SARDUS would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Brian Kimpton and his family for allowing SARDUS to use his beautiful ranch for our 2010 Western Region Clinic near Bozeman Montana. We are constantly amazed at the dedication of our volunteers that take their time away from their jobs and families to come together totrain and certify teams for deployment. Congratulations to those who passed their certifications and for those that did not we hope the opportunity to work one-on-one with some of the top handlers in the country made it worth your while.

We had teams attending from Montana, South Dakota, Oregon, Nebraska and Colorado!


SARDUS completed 24 evaluations of team.  Each test consists of multiple evaluations to test teams in the critical aspects of each speciality.  We also test over multiple days to get a good idea of the teams abilities, instead of just one moment of time.  We work with the teams requirements and readily work with other organizations.  During this clinic we tested teams to SARDUS standards as well as to NASDN and local testing standards.



SARDUS members enjoyed free training opportunities with some of the most experienced handlers and trainers in the country.  We worked with teams at the beginning of their careers as well as those preparing to certify.  What a wonderful way of seeing how different people from different parts of the country work with dogs!



These clinics give SARDUS the opportunity to work with new evaluators.  We are intentionally moving very slow with the expansion of our evaluator pool so we can maintain the quality and consistency that we expect with our certifications.  Evaluators work setting up and observing how each test is evaluated.  This is a very work intensive process but our results are tests that are set up and evaluated the same across the country.  We will be looking for evaluators in different regions as our clinics expand.  Congratulations to those new SARDUS evaluators in Montana!