As search dog handlers we all have quite a bit in common.  First, there is an unwavering dedication to the mission of finding lost and missing people.  Since most of us are Professional Volunteers we have given hundreds of hours training and responding to emergencies.  We all have spent probably thousands of dollars on specialized equipment out of our own pockets.  We also share something that is unique to what we do; we develop an intense partnership with our dogs.  It takes years of training to develop a search and rescue dog, years of obedience, socialization, obstacles, training alerts, finding people in trees and under rubble piles but none of that matters without the relationship between handler and dog.  SARDUS is made up from the search and rescue dog community, your voice and your experience.

  • Become a certified evaluator.
  • Law enforcement agencies and search managers expect professional standards, evaluations and education.
  • Professional resources are used more consistently and are more likely to be asked for from surrounding jurisdictions.
  • Assist your local agency by becoming NIMS compliant, which can allow you to participate in large-scale emergencies.
  • Certifications for evaluators and dog teams are given to individuals, so should you move your certification moves with you.
  • The more you lend your voice and experience to SARDUS the more it will reflect you.


Individual Membership


Individual Membership brings the following benefits:

  • Become a certified evaluator.
  • Certify your dog for airscent, trailing, disaster, avalanche, HRD or water.
  • Meet NIMS typing standards for your SAR dog.
  • Meet the needs of Law Enforcement by satisfying standards set by case law for evidence.
  • Partake in SARDUS training and continued education.
  • Are you available to respond to emergencies outside of your jurisdiction on a Regional basis?
  • Have direct input in your National Association works, how you are certified, and how you are deployed. 

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We would like to focus on assisting handlers to achieve strong standards, by learning and supporting others to learn. This means encouraging teams and handlers to attend high quality training opportunities and demand high standards for certification. We also believe that we need to figure out a way to help agencies deploy the right team to the right mission, based on qualifications rather than politics, and help handlers work together at emergency scenes. This is one strong aspect of the national disaster system and the IRO.... everyone qualifies to the same standard and can be an interchangeable resource. We look forward to working with you!