Law Enforcement

In many jurisdictions, Law Enforcement agencies are responsible for searching for lost and missing people.  All Law Enforcement agencies are meeting NIMS requirements to continue to receive Federal Homeland Security grants.  By utilizing SARDUS certification standards for dog teams, agencies are meeting NIMS requirements.  Courts are also requiring strict certification standards to allow evidence collected by dog teams to be admissible in court.

Search Managers

Search Managers are responsible for the rescue or recovery of lost or missing people.  NIMS is requiring all resources to meet the same typing criteria.  SARDUS provides a consistent Nation-wide certification system where resources can be shared across jurisdiction.  This eliminates the problem of self certification and different SAR groups meeting different operation standards.

Search and Rescue Dog Organizations

Search and Rescue Dog Organizations across the country are generally made up of Professional volunteers.  These volunteers receive no compensation for the hundred of hours it takes to create a SAR dog team, as well as purchasing their own equipment and training.  A major drain on SAR dog organizations is the testing process ,which can often take months or years due to time constraints and sometimes local politics.  SARDUS provides a certification based on performance using consistent standards and testing processes.

Search and Rescue Dog Handlers

Search and Rescue Dog Handlers are often Professional volunteers that have given countless hours and money to create a good team.  Often when an individual leaves an organization, because most organizations are self-certifying, the team cannot bring their certification to another group.  Often neighboring jurisdictions will not recognize a certification from somewhere else thus not allowing qualified teams to be utilized to their fullest.  SARDUS provides a certification that is resource based and allows for easy cross-jurisdictional use.