Professional standards are the benchmark of all agencies charged with protecting the public.  Dog teams trained to find people are a proven life saving resource.  The dog resource is an important tool on many crime scenes, often finding evidence and recovering victims of crimes.  Dog teams are one of the most valuable tools for finding those at risk when they go missing, such as the elderly, children or disabled people.  Many jurisdictions go without the benefit of having dog resources as part of their rescue emergency response system. 


Agency Membership


Agency Membership brings the following benefits:

Agencies with current SAR dog resources

  • Certify evaluators in your jurisdiction.
  • Certify your current SAR dog resources.
  • Meet NIMS typing standards for SAR dogs.
  • Satisfy evidence standards set by case law for canines.
  • Available training and continued education.

 Agencies with no current SAR dog resources

  • Provide support for developing local resources.
  • Provide training and education.
  • If you need a SAR dog team, we will work to provide you a SARDUS certified resource.
  • Assist in setting up mutual aid agreements with SAR organizations that are SARDUS certified.

Or please send all correspondence to:

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States
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Law Enforcement must look for the following characteristics before deploying a dog resource:

  •  Dog teams that have certified to a strong written standard will provide more reliable and skilled service.
  • Case law requires dog teams used for criminal cases to be certified by an independent organization.
  • Dog teams must maintain training records that support the proficiency of the dog team.
  • Dog teams must have on-going education in the fields they are specializing in.
  • Incident Commanders must know the capabilities of their resources to efficiently manage lost person emergencies.


We provide standards on a National level.  Our standards represent the best in the search and rescue dog system.  Professional search and rescue dog handlers meet many of the same standards of those serving in law enforcement, fire service and emergency medical response.  We provide education, certification, and training for rescue dog handlers so incident commanders know the capabilities of the dog resource.