Established 1992

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS) is non-profit national association supporting search and rescue dog teams and search managers.

When a person is lost or goes missing a team of Professionals from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and rescue organizations work together with the community to reunite the missing with their families.  Search dog teams are a proven lifesaving resource.   

A dog's nose can do what no other resource can:

·        Find a child lost in the wilderness or missing from their homes.

·        Follow a patient with Alzheimer's missing from a nursing home.

·        Locate a skier buried in an avalanche.

·        Assist law enforcement with crime scenes.

·        Find live people trapped in collapsed buildings.

·        Locate drowning victims.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report that 2100 children go missing every day.  58,000 children are taken by someone they do not know each year.  Most of these searches do not have search and rescue dogs to help find them.

Most searches go without the benefit of a Professional search and rescue dog team.  If you would like to help click here...

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SARDUS is the financial sponsor of, which is a major communication tool for national and state disaster teams, as well as other countries developing a disaster canine program. 

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SARDUS  we provide certification, training, and education for search and rescue dog teams.

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Thank You American Kennel Club

A special thanks to the people at the AKC CAR Grant for your assistance in funding out training and certification programs in 2013!  This grant made it possible for us to offer affordable clinics in Oregon and Colorado !  THANK YOU Smile

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